What are the origins of hip hop jewelry?

Born in the 80s with the emergence of rappers like LL Cool J and MC Hammer, Hip Hop Fashion distinguish by vividly colored tracksuits, sneakers with oversized laces and heavy gold jewelry. As the 1980s waned, the black movement increased, bringing stylistic elements to traditional African influences. No matter where the mastery of each individual style comes from, hip hop fashion has always been about being colorful, oversized, and stating a statement.

MC Hammer

The story of the classic hip-hop star is a powerful story that began in poverty. Many rappers were "born and raised in West Philadelphia" or had a story that began with a single mother working two jobs just to put food on the table. Accustomed to living paycheck to paycheck, these stars could never afford to have anything in gold, let alone a large gold pendant on a long gold chain. When they finally got the necessary income to buy such a jewel, it was an accomplishment they wanted to show the world. 

Thus, hip-hop jewelry began as a declaration of success and wealth. With large pendants and chains made of valuable metals, it was a luxurious reserved for the rich. With the advance of jewelry making techniques and the affordability of gold, buying these pieces is a luxury you no longer have to forego.

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