What does "bling bling" mean?

Since the beginning of the hip hop movement, the expression bling bling has appeared and until today, has become more and more important in the hip hop industry.
In the end, "bling bling" is just an expression to describe a fad that sets standards for making a statement. It proves that you can buy gold chains and diamond watches.In two simple words, it says the same thing as the spark of wealth.

To rise out of poverty and reach the heights, your glory in full view of everyone and not care what others think, having bling is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd, valuing yourself, showing what you prove. Bold, dangerous and nonchalant, it's all about luck. The art of showing who you are and what you're worth?

From Run-DMC to MC Hammer to Eminem to Lil Wayne's appearance on the MTV Music Award 2011 stage wearing women's leopard print jeans, hip-hop fashion has always been about going beyond the system to stand out, showing that you have the guts to take a stand and prove who you are, and that translates into a little or a big bling in their style.

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