What is Gotta jewelry ?

How did we start ?

It all starts in 2019, our jewelry store is everything that was.
It's true that we were not a super popular jewelry store, that you could hear about on social networks.
From the beginning, we tried to stand out by making ourselves known for the quality of our iced out jewelry and bling watches, but also for the customer experience.

What has changed?

But in 2020 with the pandemic and wanting to reach an international audience, we decided to create a site and continue our adventure in e-commerce. Indeed, compared to our competitors, we have never really been interested in social networks. We settled on the social networks at the end of 2020. We took the opportunity to change the concept of our brand. Not only that, but we changed our logo and decided to close our 2 physical stores to set up online and be a hip hop jewelry online. However, we kept our warehouses.


Our Philosophy


Gotta jewelry_logo

 It could be that for some people what we sell, does not mean that we are a jewelry store and instead opt for the term hip hop boutique. But I answer by saying for some people it's just “a boutique”, but for me, I raise it much higher as a jewelry store. Because, if the art of bling-bling and hip hop jewelry have grown so much in recent years, hip hop artists today are putting millions of dollars into a chain. A hip hop jewelry shows who we are and even our the gang we belong to, it sums up our life, it's our identity, I can't afford to sum up what I sell to banalities. So my store is a jewelry store, period !


What about the quality of the products?


Iced out bracelets

At Gotta jewelry, we pride ourselves on the quality of our products. Although we no longer have our physical stores, we still want our customers to value us by providing them with high quality CZ products. Buy iced out jewelry and bling watches at very attractive prices. Wear the best in the hip-hop jewelry industry and value yourself with quality at affordable prices. For us, every customer is as precious as a diamond.
That's why our slogan is “Gotta jewelry, value yourself!”.


Visit our shop. 

Iced out jewelry

  💎 Gotta jewelry, value yourself! 💎

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