Natural Beads Pearl Necklace

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You know you're worth it, and this Natural Beads Pearl Necklace proves it. With 18k gold, 925 sterling silver, and natural pearls in a hip hop style, this is the perfect necklace to show off your value. At 60.96 cm long, it's also the perfect length for any occasion.


1. Golden copper-plated septum beads between shell beads
2. Silver upgraded steel and platinum plated beads between shell beads
3. Sterling silver beads between shell beads 925 silver beads
4. 18K gold beads between pearls and gold color beads
5. Selected sterling silver beads between pearls, natural pearls + 925 silver beads.


  • Material: natural pearl, 18 pure gold, 925 silver sterling
  • Color: gold, silver
  • Length: 24 inch (60.96 cm)
  • Weight: 50g